How To Deal With Crazy People


How To Deal With Crazy People is a site that has answers to deal with the 10% of the population that is difficult to deal with.  These so-called ‘crazy people’ can monopolize your time, be an emotional drain, and add buckets of stress to your life.

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When you are able to have a basic understanding of how difficult people think, you can respond without being caught up in their game, feeding their insatiable need for your attention, or going through your own life like a zombie.

You’ll also learn how to make your own life more crazy-proof. There will be tips on scheduling, motivation, letting go of the anger, everything you need to build yourself into a crazy denying machine!

As you develop the skills to keep your own calm, realize what people are trying to do and say no to a WHOLE lot more of that, you will be amazed at the calm that takes over.  You do not have to be in bondage anymore.  Think I’m exaggerating?  What do you call it when your phone rings and you cringe, you see a car driving by and worry about it being that one particular person, you plan your day around who you’re avoiding, or who you’d like to avoid?

It is a sad fact that you might be losing part of your life to anxiety and fear over difficult people in your; workplace, church, community, and even your home. Some of the most difficult people to deal with will be your family.  No one can get to you quite like they can.

This site will deal with the specific situations and give you a chance to ask questions.  You will benefit from my experience as a therapist helping clients take back their lives and other readers giving their own stories.  Knowledge is power.  Let’s power up and get you back in charge of your life.


7 thoughts on “How To Deal With Crazy People

  1. I work with a woman the boss who has trigger anger and slams and throws things besides the way her mind works she is negative ,gossipy, quick to judge everyone, comes up with ridicioulus ideas on things I’m suffering illness from being around her.

  2. My mother is a ticking time bomb that explodes spontaneously whenever she feels like it. I don’t understand how she thinks but it is hard to cooperate and deal with her. Everything I do seems to upset her, seems to drive her to the point of full anger even when I’m doing absolutely nothing. It frightens me that one day, she will completely snap and attack whoever is around her. My mother would sometimes have arguments with my father and would take out the rest of her anger on me. Everyone in the house can escape for how they can easily drive out. I can’t. I always get stuck here with the maniac I call my mother. In full anger, she would scream out how people wishes for her to die (which they don’t) and how she believes I have some kind of hatred for her. I don’t know what to do, but the fear of her going completely insane and on the verge of physical abuse continues…

  3. Yeah I am dealing with a crazy person all right , he terrorizes people, intimidates, harrasses, bothers, annoys, and basically is allowed to be this horrible person to all. He needs some kind of psychological/drug abuse counseling help. I had incidents with him but I cannot go too much into detail but something is not right about him right now.

    1. Try to avoid such people as they never gonna change. They will never take any psychological drug when requested. So the best way is either to get them out from your life or make yourself out from their lives.

  4. Yes Dylan I am in a similar situation. This bloke has payed other people to to terrorise me trying more in particular to not let me sleep in the nights in my own house, and it seems to be working. These people seem to be breaking into my house at any time they please, and I cannot call the police because they think im going mad so that’s it.


  5. I am dealing with a crazy person too, but unfortunately hes a sibling. He has not been diagnosed with a disorder, but I am positive of its exsistence. He show signs of mood swings, he develops conspiracies, he’s hostile, and what’s far worse is that once he’s done attacking you verbally since he doesn’t hit you, he will admit to not doing a thing. It’s quite cynical. After so many years I have finally learned to just avoid situations with him, but every now and then they tend to creep up. It’s just not easy dealing with the crazy. I think he behaves in this manner because he’s selfish. I can honestly say that I am thankfuI that my parents were at least capable of distancing themselves from him, being near him is not healthy. Hopefully, I can save up more and make some changes in my life that will allow me to distance myself aswell. I’m not creating enemies, just simply trying to rid the negativity.

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