The benefits of making that goal.

I had a goal this week to write one blog a day, even if it was a sentence and a picture. Here’s the last blog and my goal is complete, for now.  Remember that goals should be a constant part of your life.  If you have a direction you’re going towards, you are less emotionally reactive, have greater emotional stability, and a better sense of your own power to change the world around you.  When you react to whatever the day throws you, you will be on the defensive constantly.  When you have a clear idea of what you want, you’re already thinking through the obstacle in front of you and moving on to the next checkpoint.

Making goals and reaching them is like exercise.  It needs to be a regular part of your life.  It works as an anti-depressant. It helps your brain stay younger.  You look better, feel better, and react to changes in your situation with greater flexibility.

Happy goal setting, I’ll be back in a week with another series of blogs on a new topic.  My goal for the intervening week will be work on my fiction novel for bored middle aged women.  I figure I’m part of the demographic, so I’ll be able to write what I’d like.

Have a great Thanksgiving,


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